Quests that give temporary stats boosts.

Quest affect (Duration is in real time):

intellect +8 (duration: 1 month)
health +1000 (duration: 1 month)

Affects are given by the Affect guide in the Fields of Guidance:

strength +5 (duration: 30:00)
agility +5 (duration: 30:00)
dexterity +5 (duration: 30:00)
speed +5 (duration: 30:00)
hit +5 (duration: 30:00)
bless affect 100% (duration: 30:00)

natural flight 79% (duration: 30:00)

Affects are given automatically by Karnova to moral or immoral players:
speed +16
quickness +12
hit +12
general: Karmova's judgment

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