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Welcome to the Nodeka Wiki!Edit

Nodeka Wiki was created for the online text-based game known as Nodeka. Here you can search through the many help files found for the game. Enjoy!

From the official Nodeka website:

Revolutionary multi-player online fantasy roleplaying... At your fingertips.
If you're into character development, combat and questing - Nodeka is for you!

Nodeka Features:

  • One-of-a-kind real-time, overhead map that can be used anywhere, all of the time. The overhead map integrates seamlessly with any MUD client.
  • Quest system that keeps track of all your open quests, completed quests and quest actions, with a morality engine that is driven by the decisions you make.
  • Over 120 classes, from darkhand monk to vision guild warlock. From radial daja to spectral sa'duroth.
  • Over 80 races, from human to kedoeji. From jerof to drow of the blue blood.
  • Over 450 skills and spells. Our skill/spell system is both intuitive and highly strategic.
  • Redefined D&D type-statistics: strength, constitution, dexterity, agility, intellect, wisdom, willpower, speed, health, mana, spirit and endurance - where character growth is unlimited.